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The internet can’t stop laughing at Philadelphia’s greased up poles

Football fandom is a helluva thing. Philadelphia officials are so concerned over the possibility of rioting on Sunday night, after the city's Eagles face off against the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game, that they're resorting to extreme measures: Crews are greasing up light poles to stop people from

YouTube’s starting to remove Tide Pod Challenge videos from its site

YouTube is trying to shut down the latest viral internet challenge, you know, the one where actual humans eat (or pretend to eat) Tide Pods, which are quite literally pods filled with Tide laundry detergent. The discussion on consuming Tide Pods started on Twitter in December, transforming into a viral

These dogs are so not ready to admit it’s no longer Christmas

NO HUMAN, YOU CAN'T CANCEL CHRISTMAS JUST BECAUSE IT'S JANUARY. SEE ALSO: Very good dog keeps interrupting his human's shower for a very good reason A video uploaded to the German Shepherd Dog Community Facebook group has gone viral. In the clip a foolish human goes to throw out

Watch this man slip and slide down his entire driveway on black ice

This dude just earned himself a PhD in skating on black ice. Clearly, it's winter out there, which means cold temperatures will occasionally bring ice and snow to a neighborhood near you. But black ice is an especially treacherous obstacle to both vehicles and pedestrians, considering its virtually invisible.

Shoeless woman manages to smash a TV while bowling

Throwing an 8-pound ball down a narrow lane to knock down a bunch of pins is difficult for some. But for others — like this shoeless woman — even just getting it into the lane is impossible. Considering the whole event was being filmed, this woman's bowling

YouTube dumps Logan Paul from top ad platform and cancels movie

Vine star tuend YouTuber Logan Paul.Image: Getty Images PortraitAfter a flurry of backlash, YouTube has finally taken action against disgraced vlogger Logan Paul. The company announced on Wednesday that it will remove Logan Paul's YouTube channel from Google’s preferred ad program, which means less ad money in Paul's pocket

Say hello to the world’s tiniest cat species

The world's smallest feline, just lounging around like it's no big deal.Image: Gerard Lacz/REX/ShutterstockImagine the cutest cat imaginable. Now imagine harder. It's still not as cute as this cat. SEE ALSO: Tywin Lannister from 'Game of Thrones' narrates the final episode of nature doc parody 'Savage Cuties' BBC One's