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Doting boxer cares for eight needy piglets as her own

A litter of rescue piglets is motherless no more, thanks to a boxer named Treasure who's taken the group under her care. Per Australia's 9News, the unlikely family resides at Spectrum Plants in Wongawallan, Queensland, a plant nursery and petting zoo owned by Wes Trevor.  SEE ALSO: Dog and kitten

A nun with a chainsaw is the symbol of the Hurricane Irma cleanup

This nun is living on a prayer, or she's just pretty badass when it comes to natural disaster relief.  An off-duty cop in Miami went to check out the damage Hurricane Irma brought to a local neighborhood when he encountered a nun cutting up trees to clear the roadways...with a

Fake Facebook videos of Hurricane Irma are popping up everywhere

More breaking news, and another score of fake videos and Facebook Lives, attracting tens of millions of views. SEE ALSO: Almost 100,000 people were watching a fake Facebook Live of a tornado GIF The first example is this 30-second video which falsely claims to depict Hurricane Irma

Girl finds ‘Excalibur’ at the bottom of the same lake it was hurled

Image: SWNS.comThis is 7-year-old Matilda Jones, and she's just casually found "Excalibur", the legendary sword, in the same lake where it was thrown according to the King Arthur myth:  Image: SWNS.comMatilda was paddling in Dozmary Pool, in Cornwall, with her dad Paul when she stumbled across the 4ft