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Verne Troyer unboxes his Christmas Tesla

Actor Verne Troyer got a sweet new ride for Christmas, and he takes us for a spin in this video on his YouTube channel.  It's a Tesla.... Model S for Kids, by Radio Flyer. ("Ages 3 to 8... I'm 48," Troyer points out in the video.) He

Layla the dog has the #1 cutest reaction to being pet

Friends, please meet Layla the spaniel, an unspeakably adorable dog who loves to be pet. From the looks of this clip, it seems she also loves to wag her tail, cuddle, and deliver the most perfect soft smile we've ever seen. Layla, girl, you're doing amazing. Please

Stop mopping your floors… seriously

Image: Facebook/Angela Rena via StoryfulHello hog fans, subscribers to various large hog-based newsletters, and miscellaneous readers who happened to click on this article about a large hog: We have a big hog for you guys today, by way of Alabama. The huge hog, apparently loose in Phenix City, Alabama,

Connie Britton reveals how \

YouTube is bringing its community of creators to an important campaign advocating for girls' education.Image: The one campaign There's something staggering about the fact that 130 million girls around the world don't receive an education.  It's enough to make some people feel skeptical or cynical about efforts to solve the