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Artists ‘sexual’ robin redbreast Christmas cards banned by Facebook

Jackie Charley said she could not stop laughing after harmless festive images were blocked by Facebook because of adult natureFacebook has blocked the sale of a pack of Christmas cards featuring a robin redbreast because of its sexual and adult nature. The artist, Jackie Charley, said she could not stop

Beware: this Russian cyber warfare threatens every democracy | Natalie Nougayrde

Kremlin-inspired interference is about much more than skewed elections. Its the world of mind control imagined by George Orwell, says Guardian columnist Natalie NougayrdeAnyone in Europe and Britain worried about the state of US democracy should take time to senator Dianne Feinstein leans into the microphone and calls for parliamentary

Kevin Spacey: Old Vic accused of ignoring sexual misconduct allegations

Numerous stories emerge saying London theatre paid no heed to allegations of groping and inappropriate sexual behaviour by the actorActors and former staff at the Old Vic have accused the theatre of turning a blind eye to inappropriate sexual behaviour by Kevin Spacey during the 11 years that the Hollywood

Kevin Spacey preyed on young men at Old Vic theatre, actor claims

Allegations about stars sexual conduct mount, with Mexican actor saying there are many men with a Spacey storyAccusations of inappropriate sexual behaviour against made drunken sexual advances on him, emerged this week. On his Facebook page, Cavazos recalled a couple of unpleasant encounters with Spacey including being squeezed by him

UK facing most severe terror threat ever, warns MI5 chief

Head of intelligence service says more attacks are inevitable as Britain sees dramatic upshift in Islamist terrorismBritain is facing its most severe ever terrorist threat and fresh attacks in the country are inevitable, according to the head of Britains normally secretive domestic intelligence service in a rare public speech. Andrew

Prince Harry: mental health should be at heart of armed forces training

Prince says fighting fitness is not just about physical fitness as he unveils joint initiative with Ministry of Defencethe Royal Foundation, created by the prince and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to tackle mental health issues, Harry said mental health strategies needed to be at the forefront of armed

West courts Libyan general accused of human rights abuses

Ex-CIA asset Khalifa Haftar, due to meet Italian officials in Rome, ordered soldiers to commit war crimes, according to legal expertEuropean leaders are embracing a Libyan general who has ordered his soldiers to commit war crimes, according to new evidence that has been analysed by senior legal experts. The allegation

Facebook admits industry could do more to combat online extremism

Admission comes as British PM and French president propose fining firms that move too slowly to remove extremist contentFacebook has conceded that technology companies could do more to counter online extremism after Theresa May and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, Kent Walker, Googles general counsel, said the larger problem is