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Lifehack: Delete Twitter from your phone, because it is the worst

Image: ANADOLU AGENCY/GETTY IMAGESTwitter sucks. Twitter was once great. It was exciting and weird and small and capable of aiding and abetting literal revolutions. And now, people are leaving Twitter In favor of safer spaces — not just away from people who completely disagree with them, or trolls, but

Katie Nolan on being a sports personality in the digital age

Image: twitter screenshotKatie Nolan works for ESPN, but her Saturday work shift wasn't a typical made-for-TV broadcast. For one, she was seated in an armchair, legs curled up underneath her, and was dressed in a flannel and jeans.  SEE ALSO: How Shea Serrano went from schoolteacher to leader of

Twitter makes it clear: Donald Trump will not be banned

Facing renewed calls for presidents removal from service after his latest tweets on North Korea, company says move would hamper discussionJust days after Donald Trumps blogpost published Friday. It would also not silence that leader, but it would certainly hamper necessary discussion around their words and actions. The statement

Donald Trump, Logan Paul, and the charade of terms of service

Image: Vicky leta/ MashableIt's incredible that it has come to this, but the world may now be in Jack Dorsey's hands.  That is not hyperbole. President Donald Trump is using Twitter to lob threats of nuclear war at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Those within Trump's own orbit