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Katie Nolan on being a sports personality in the digital age

Image: twitter screenshotKatie Nolan works for ESPN, but her Saturday work shift wasn't a typical made-for-TV broadcast. For one, she was seated in an armchair, legs curled up underneath her, and was dressed in a flannel and jeans.  SEE ALSO: How Shea Serrano went from schoolteacher to leader of

Vertical video finally became a thing this year

A view of people holding phones at NBC's "Today"Image: Noam Galai/WireImageThe iPhone X is basically one gigantic screen, but the "notch" right at the top of the display guides the owner on how to hold it. The phone should be held vertically, where the length is far longer than

Genies are like bitmojis that star in videos about the news

My genie, and Emma Watson's, are unhappy about the weather.Image: geniesA startup has launched what may be the most adorable news app ever.  The company, Genies, Inc., has launched the Genies app, where you can create an adorable clone of yourself that will bring you news throughout the day,

Facebook just made its Stories a lot more like Snapchat

Image: mashable/lili samsFacebook Stories may not be all that popular, but the company isn't letting that stop it from finding new ways to force users to interact with them. Today, Facebook is introducing a set of new features for all its version of Stories, including one that will allow

Instagram stop motion camera

Image: Getty ImagesGetting tired of the same old Instagram Stories? Get ready for stop motion, the newest feature in Instagram's story camera.  The tool allows you to take a series of photos, string them together into a short stop-motion video and post them to your story.  SEE ALSO: 9

The internet is very confused by Ariana Grande’s album cover

Image: spillyIf you've ever watched a YouTube video and wished that you could be part of it, there's a new augmented reality app that might be able to help. It's called Spilly, and it takes popular videos of celebrities, YouTube stars, and other famous clips, then allows users to

Actors put their own homemade spin on this classic ‘Die Hard’ scene

Snapchat was still updating its Our Story for Las Vegas on Monday.Image: snapchat screenshotsA lone gunman fired into a crowd of people in Las Vegas on Sunday—and the crisis is still reverberating on Snapchat. User-submitted Snaps, curated by Snapchat editors, provided an on-the-ground look at the raw emotions in

Snapchat’s newest feature puts the dancing hotdog to shame

For many, Bitmoji is a hard sell. Scarred by annoying BitStrips years ago, the concept of creating an emoji of yourself seemed juvenile, and kind of cheesy.  Even after Snap bought the company last year, it still didn't bring much to the table. Then, Snapchat rolled out an update last

YouTube finally has vertical videos that don’t suck

In case there were still any doubts: vertical videos are here to stay. YouTube will soon update its apps so, when you play a vertical video, you won't see those ugly black bars on the sides. The changes comes as part of a bigger redesign that also