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Yet more proof: Donald Trump is a fascist sympathiser | Richard Wolffe

Trumps decision to promote anti-Muslim videos by Britain First, an extreme far-right group, confirms what was abundantly clear after ChartlottesvilleIt was true after the racist mob in Charlottesville three months ago. And its still true today: Donald J Trump quite literally sympathizes with fascists. He shares their worldview as easily

Video shows Utah police fatally shooting man from behind as he fled

Police face no charges amid accusations of racial profiling and brutal execution in case of Patrick Harmon, 50, who was pulled over for cycling without a lightPolice in Utah fatally shot a man from behind while he was running away from officers, according to newly released footage, which has sparked

Charlottesville: far-right crowd with torches encircles counter-protest group

People gathering to oppose Unite the Right demonstration say they were hit with pepper spray and lighter fluid in clash on University of Virginia campusHundreds of far-right demonstrators wielded torches as they marched on to the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville on Friday night and reportedly attacked a much