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Franken cut from broadcast of Letterman’s Mark Twain Prize presentation

(CNN)Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken has been cut from the TV broadcast of "David Letterman: The Mark Twain Prize" after allegations of sexual misconduct.Franken's Senate colleagues have called for a Senate Ethics Committee investigation into his behavior, and in a statement, Franken apologized for his actions and said he

Lil Peep’s death ignites a conversation about the addiction epidemic

(CNN)News of Lil Peep's death shocked fans and ignited a new conversation about mental health and the opioid epidemic in America, which President Donald Trump declared a national public health emergency last month. "After speaking with people on scene and going into the tour bus (police) said that

Rubio criticizes Trump’s mid-speech water-sipping form

Washington (CNN)Sen. Marco Rubio had a chance at payback Wednesday, when President Donald Trump noticeably sipped from a water bottle multiple times during a speech -- a move Trump had mocked Rubio for during the 2016 campaign. Rubio was giving the GOP response to former President Barack Obama's State

Roy Moore’s appalling ‘yearbook’ defense

(CNN)Roy Moore faces accusations from five women that he pursued sexual relationships with them -- and in one case engaged in sexual assault -- while they were between 14 and 18 years old and he was in his mid 30s.

McConnell proposes Sessions as a write-in to replace Moore

Washington (CNN)Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell floated Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a replacement for Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate accused of sexual misconduct and assault of teenagers when he was in his 30s. "It appears as if the only option would be a write-in and that's very seldom

A Virginia bus driver’s dark journey to Raqqa

(CNN)A solitary figure lurked in the distance outside the village of Golat in the Sinjar region of northern Iraq. Kurdish troops spotted the man at 4 a.m., shining projector lights across a field while patrolling the area on a late winter morning. They fired six warning shots overhead. The

Trump and Putin Finally Chat at APEC Family Photo Shoot

A photo opportunity in Vietnam has given U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin the chance to have a much-needed chat.The White House decided against a formal sitdown between the leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Danang, Vietnam, despite resignation of John Alexander, who said he

The Saudi Purge Isnt Just a Power Grab

It makes sense to be cynical about Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ostensible crackdown on corruption in Saudi Arabia. Among the 11 princes, 4 ministers, and dozens of well-known businessmen arrested were some of the 32-year-old’s last potential rivals to the Saudi throne. The move also smacks of an asset