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How big tech became the new titan of television

Hollywood power is in flux, as traditional broadcast and cable networks, which for decades shaped popular culture, try to keep up with technology companiesIn Hollywood, the screenwriter William Goldman once observed, nobody knows anything. But that was before technology companies rolled in sure of one thing: to conquer television you

Covering Hurricane Irma: journalists go to extremes to report storm

Journalists from US and international media networks sought out the storm for their viewers benefitEvacuate or stay indoors was the general advice given to Floridas residents ahead of Hurricane Irma. Many packed up their cars or sought refuge at home but, there was one particular group of people who remained.

David Simon: If youre not consuming porn, youre still consuming its logic

The Wire creator talks about his new TV drama, The Deuce, which examines the porn industrys impact on US societyAmid rows of houses and a sprinkling of bars, coffee shops, convenience stores and restaurants in Riverside, an unpretentious corner of Baltimore, one building stands out: a redbrick townhouse that was

The first social media suicide

The long read: In May of last year, a teenager in a dreary suburb of Paris live-streamed her own suicide and acquired a morbid kind of digital celebrity.Ive seen people die, Ocane said, during one of the online broadcasts she made just before her end. Frankly thats not what

Facebook removes posts made by people smugglers aiming to lure migrants

Social media content painting a positive picture of risky Mediterranean sea crossings is removed after Guardian highlights nature of materialFacebook has removed several posts made by people smugglers openly advertising to attract migrants seeking passage to Europe. Written in Arabic, many of the posts were accompanied by videos and testimonials

Facebook’s original shows will debut tomorrow

Image: mashableUpdated Aug. 9, 2017, at 6:17 p.m. PDT with additional show details. Updated Aug. 9, 2017, at 4:23 p.m. PDT with more information from Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has been preaching video as our future for the last couple years. On Thursday, he's launching the next big step in