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YouTube dumps Logan Paul from top ad platform and cancels movie

Vine star tuend YouTuber Logan Paul.Image: Getty Images PortraitAfter a flurry of backlash, YouTube has finally taken action against disgraced vlogger Logan Paul. The company announced on Wednesday that it will remove Logan Paul's YouTube channel from Google’s preferred ad program, which means less ad money in Paul's pocket

YouTube celebrities totally worth following who aren’t Logan Paul

Image: mary clavering/young hollywood/Getty ImagesThere's a whole world on YouTube that doesn't involve terrible people, it just doesn't feel that way right now. The first week of 2018 wasn't exactly a banner week for YouTube star Logan Paul, for example. Paul, known as the less offensive Paul brother (*&^@&#^?),

Logan Paul’s fiercely devoted fans have already forgiven him

Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesLogan Paul told his fans he wasn't expecting forgiveness after he published a video of an apparent suicide victim to millions of viewers. "I'm simply here to apologise," he says. But, despite his egregious and irresponsible actions, forgiveness has been granted by scores of his dedicated

Donald Trump, Logan Paul, and the charade of terms of service

Image: Vicky leta/ MashableIt's incredible that it has come to this, but the world may now be in Jack Dorsey's hands.  That is not hyperbole. President Donald Trump is using Twitter to lob threats of nuclear war at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Those within Trump's own orbit