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YouTube bans the creepy and weird kid channel ‘Toy Freaks’

Image: screenshot/youtubeYouTube has terminated the massive channel Toy Freaks in what appears to be a purge of questionable content aimed at kids. With over 8.5 million subscribers, Toy Freaks was one of the largest channels to produce content aimed at children, though many parents found issues with the weird,

Man’s dad reflexes kick in at the last possible moment

Built inside every human is an impressive reflex that can only be accessed when saving your young. For fathers, it's lovingly referred to as the dad reflex. This dad and his daughter were posing for a cute picture on a bridge at Yosemite National Park last year

Toddler takes first steps after french fry motivation

Deep-fried food is the great motivator. Little Evie had accomplished a milestone recently when she took her first steps on her own. But to help her achieve this goal, she had a little gift of motivation in the form of a french fry. This kid's going places,

Calm your dogs down with this fabulous doggy leotard

This determined little boy just sent out an urgent PSA on behalf of a beloved four-legged friend.  Six-year-old Roman is calling on his followers to rescue Legend, a deaf and lovable Labrador retriever currently at Skagit Valley Humane Society in Burlington, Washington. The adorable video has more than 18,000 views,

Little girl stops laughing about slime because she pooped

A wonderful time with some pink slime between a young girl and her mom went south when the girl revealed a little secret. "I'm pooping in my pants," the girl says, all nonchalant.  Well, at least the slime was fun. Hey, we've all been there.Read more:

Connie Britton reveals how \

YouTube is bringing its community of creators to an important campaign advocating for girls' education.Image: The one campaign There's something staggering about the fact that 130 million girls around the world don't receive an education.  It's enough to make some people feel skeptical or cynical about efforts to solve the