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Snapshots of 2017: the pain, the joy, and the Donald

It was the year photographers caught the world in turmoil, from the despair of thousands fleeing Myanmar to post-Mugabe joy in ZimbabweThe extraordinary spectacle of Donald Trumps presidency has dominated 2017: from Twitter wars with nuclear-armed North Korea, to Robert Muellers Russia inquiry, and the fast-shifting White House cast, including

UK facing most severe terror threat ever, warns MI5 chief

Head of intelligence service says more attacks are inevitable as Britain sees dramatic upshift in Islamist terrorismBritain is facing its most severe ever terrorist threat and fresh attacks in the country are inevitable, according to the head of Britains normally secretive domestic intelligence service in a rare public speech. Andrew

Hundreds of civilians killed in US-led air strikes on Isis targets report

Airwars project details credible reports of at least 459 non-combatant deaths, including 100 children, in 52 air strikesThe air campaign against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has killed more than 450 civilians, according to a new report, even though the US-led coalition has so far acknowledged just two non-combatant