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More protesters killed in Iran as Rouhani’s plea fails to dampen unrest

10 people reported killed overnight as the rapid spread of unrest takes even the regimes critics by surpriseAt least 12 people have died in clashes between protesters and security guards in Iran since protests erupted across the country last week, officials said on Monday, as an intervention by the president

Iranians rally in support of government and supreme leader

Thousands take to the streets following anti-government demonstrations in various cities sparked by economic concernsSupporters of Irans government and supreme leader have taken to the streets following pro-government rallies on Saturday had been scheduled weeks earlier to commemorate mass demonstrations in 2009 that challenged those who had rejected the re-election

Telegram and Instagram blocked in Iran in the midst of protests

The Iranian government is cracking down on certain apps in the wake of protests.Image: STR/EPA-EFE/REX/ShutterstockThe Iranian government has blocked access to messaging app Telegram and photo app Instagram amid several days of protests in what authorities say is a move "to maintain tranquillity and security of society," according to

Protests over alleged corruption and rising prices spread to Tehran

Angry eruptions proliferate after police disperse spontaneous demonstration in city of Kermanshah in western IranDemonstrators chanted anti-government slogans in several cities across Iran on Friday, as protests against alleged corruption and rising prices turned into the largest wave of demonstrations since #IranProtests where an earthquake killed more than

Putin Crowns Himself OPEC King

For more than half a century, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister could move markets with a few choice words about what OPEC may decide at its next meeting, generating millions if not billions of dollars of profit for insiders.Not anymore. While OPEC’s gatherings still influence prices, it’s not Saudi Arabia’s voice