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5 ways to celebrate National Cat Day

(CNN)Your kitteh will probably mark the day with a nap, a romp with a paper bag, a nibble of kibble and another nap. This is what your cat is really trying to say The space features a cafe and separate cat zone where between six and 20 adoptable cats

May calls on internet firms to remove extremist content within two hours

Prime minister to meet Google, Facebook and Microsoft executives during UN summit as concerns grow about easy availability of terrorist content onlineTheresa May is to urge internet companies to take down extremist content being shared by terrorist groups within two hours, during a summit with the French president and the

Avril Lavigne most ‘dangerous’ celebrity to search for online

A cybersecurity company has released its annual survey of online celebrity searches associated with malware, with the Canadian singer topping the listCybersecurity firm Instagram that she would be releasing new music soon, which may have contributed to an increase in malicious sites associated with a search for her name. McAfee

PewDiePie: YouTube megastar’s N-word outburst sparks developer backlash

Games developer Campo Santo files copyright takedown requests against Felix Kjellberg after racist comment, and urges others to follow suitYouTubes best-paid star Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, has yet again used a racial slur on the video-sharing site. The 27-year-old video blogger called an opponent a fucking nigger Disney

From hope to hate: how the early internet fed the far right

The early days of the internet were full of hope: limitless information would make us wiser, kinder, less bigoted. So when did hate get a foothold?Back in 1990, the American lawyer and author Mike Godwin proposed a law of early internet behaviour: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability