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4K video finally works on Xbox One consoles

Image: MIKE NELSON/EPA/REX/ShutterstockXbox One S and X consoles can stream 4K resolution videos through the YouTube app now, over a year after the 4K-ready Xbox One S console was released. Microsoft released an update to the YouTube app available to Xbox One consoles, allowing the One S and X

The Yankees just invested in three esports companies

Image: echo foxThe New York Yankees made a major investment in esports, the team revealed today. They're now stakeholders in one of the most well-known North American esports team organizations: Echo Fox. The New York Yankees announced an investment in Vision Esports today, a company that holds stake in

Nintendo gives fans new features in latest Switch update

In an effort to catch up with consoles released a decade ago, Nintendo has finally added video recording and save transfers to the Switch.  Capturing video is now as easy as holding down the Capture button during gameplay, and recording up to 30 seconds of video.  SEE

Amazing LED-covered ‘StarCraft’ cosplay kicks ass

The only thing that's better than badass cosplay is a badass cosplay that lights up. Cosplayer Svetlana Quindt (with the help of Instagram user Adafruit) created an amazing cosplay of the StarCraft character Nova (more specifically, a version of Nova found in Heroes of the Storm) complete with LED-enhanced armor

Little kid can’t figure out how to use a Game Boy

Prepare to feel old. Picking up an old Game Boy will likely fill most with pure nostalgia. Toss it into the hands of today's youth and they'll likely be utterly confused. The problem? Most kids play games on tablets or phones, which all have touch screens. Watch