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Is the Mosaic app TV’s natural next step or a gimmick too far?

Steven Soderberghs latest show premieres in January, but viewers can watch it now via a choose-your-own-adventure iPhone app thats baffled someIllusion of choice is a somewhat recent concern in the gaming community, a critical phrase coined in reaction to the rise of interactive, decision-based games peddled by game studios like

PewDiePie: YouTube megastar’s N-word outburst sparks developer backlash

Games developer Campo Santo files copyright takedown requests against Felix Kjellberg after racist comment, and urges others to follow suitYouTubes best-paid star Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, has yet again used a racial slur on the video-sharing site. The 27-year-old video blogger called an opponent a fucking nigger Disney