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Blizzard Entertainment got off the ground with a loan from its founder’s grandma

Blizzard president and co-founder Mike Morhaime showing a loan he received from his grandmother.Image: blizzard entertainment/twitchBlizzard Entertainment owes a lot to co-founder Mike Morhaime's grandmother. During a pre-BlizzCon live stream on Wednesday, Morhaime revealed that his own grandmother Mildred Miller loaned him $15,000 to help get the company started.

Gambling scandal ends in settlement, stricter guidelines from FTC

The Federal Trade Commission building in Washington, D.C.Image: Alex Brandon/AP/REX/ShutterstockThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settled charges against individual social media influencers for the first time Thursday, setting a new precedent: influencers need to unambiguously disclose their connections to brands and companies they are promoting. Thursday's settlement specifically requires two

MTV Video Music Awards 2017: The winners list

(CNN)Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards were about performances and powerful words.Perry, who also served as the night's host, started with a video sketch about space travel that featured astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Peggy Whitson. The singer joked about the state of the world."Even in the apocalypse we deserve the

Ed Sheeran wins big at VMA’s but gets a bit confused on stage

"Eh, who decided I should get this award btw?"Image: kevin winter / Getty ImagesEd Sheeran, ah bless him. He just can't get a break these days, can he?  Despite taking home the Artist of the Year award at the MTV Video Music Awards, people have been focusing on his

Why you should care about Taylor Swift’s next move

Taylor SwiftImage: RMV/REX/SHUTTERSTOCKIt’s 2017, so you probably already have an opinion on Taylor Swift.    No one has been written about more; had every move questioned, every friend analyzed. She didn’t speak out enough about the election! She entered a restaurant with a man! She didn’t have a Fourth of