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Has America lost its appetite for Curb Your Enthusiasm?

The hit comedy has returned for a ninth season, but under Trump the landscape has changed and so too have audiences attitudes to political correctnessAmericas enthusiasm for Larry David appears to be wearing pretty, pretty thin. The return of his long-running comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm earlier this month met

‘We tried nice guys’: conservative hardliners stay in a trance for Trump

At the Values Voter Summit, as speeches hammered gays, gun control and the GOP old guard, attendees clung to a rose-tinted view of their unlikely championNearly a year ago, conservative Christians gambled on Donald Trump, a thrice-married Manhattan billionaire who Values Voters Summit, a yearly Washington symposium that brings together

Randy Rainbow: taking Trump apart one show tune at a time | Van Badham

The Trump resistance has become sing-a-long-able, thanks to a 30-something man from Queens and his YouTube channelNorth Korea insists war with America is inevitable! Puerto Rico has no drinking water! Category 5 storms remake the coast of Florida! Meanwhile, the American president is calling football players sons-of-bitches, deleting tweets that