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Layla the dog has the #1 cutest reaction to being pet

Friends, please meet Layla the spaniel, an unspeakably adorable dog who loves to be pet. From the looks of this clip, it seems she also loves to wag her tail, cuddle, and deliver the most perfect soft smile we've ever seen. Layla, girl, you're doing amazing. Please

A New ‘Kitten-Garten’ Could Save 1,000 Kittens

There's a sad truth to kittens. Sometimes, because of lack of funding and space they don't always make it. Thankfully mainly have realized this and are making a difference. Like the Pasadena Humane Society who will be giving kittens between 4 to 8 weeks old, a chance at life through

13 of the cutest unlikely animal friendships

A puppy hanging out with a porcupine. A fly befriending a snake. A tapir chillin' with a gecko.  Who doesn't love a great unlikely animal friendship? When two completely different creatures of the wild somehow find each other and form an everlasting bond, it does our hearts good. And if