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Students use social media to pressure companies to dump the NRA

Image: tom williams/getty imagesCompanies are cutting ties with the National Rifle Association after Parkland students and gun control activists called for an end to their support.  Thank you for contacting us, J! All three of our brands have ended the discount for NRA members. This change will be

Heres what the SpaceX launch looks like from a plane

Elon Musk's SpaceX launched another rocket on Thursday morning, successfully sending three satellites into space.  After the Falcon9 took off from Vandenberg Air Force Base northwest of Santa Barbara, a lucky flight from Hawaii to LAX got an up-close look at the rocket as it made its way towards space.

YouTube, your algorithm hurts America more than Russian trolls do

Self-reflection, please: YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California.Image: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty ImagesRemember when we used to think the greatest threat we faced from Artificial Intelligence was that it would become Skynet and launch our entire nuclear arsenal, wiping out the human race?  Good times.  But on the evidence of YouTube's

Fishtail brows are the new Instagram trend. Yes, really.

The past few years have seen something of an eyebrow renaissance, from the squiggle brow to the feather brow to — yes, this is real — the Christmas tree brow. The latest brow trend has Instagram literally splitting hairs: fishtail brows.  A post shared by 🇨🇳LENA OREO

Record Black Panther Debut May Be a Game Changer for Hollywood

Walt Disney Co.’s “Black Panther” smashed Presidents’ Day weekend records with a $235 million debut, a showing that may force Hollywood to reassess the work it gives black actors and filmmakers.The first Marvel superhero movie with an African-American in the title role kept drawing unprecedented crowds after setting an all-time

Australia’s Boost Juice gives out Bitcoin in competition

It's not just cashed-up dads jumping on cryptocurrencies, juice companies are doing the same too. Australian juice chain Boost have launched a competition where customers can win one Bitcoin, if they can correctly guess the price of the cryptocurrency at 12 p.m. the following Monday.  SEE ALSO: Say hello to

Images of woman in security x-ray machine look vaguely terrifying

Having personal items checked by an x-ray conveyor belt is a necessary hindrance that no one really enjoys. One woman at the Dongguan Railway Station in China, however, felt particularly strongly about having to give up her bags to the security machine and decided to crawl right in there