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Watch this model fall on the runway and totally own it

Image: AFP/Getty ImagesA model took a dive at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show in Shanghai on Monday.  Chinese model Ming Xi was waltzing down the runway showing a little bit of flair when she slipped in her heels, ultimately falling to her knees. I love ming xi she

Nature’s 13 most terrifying moments of 2017

Never underestimate the power of nature — it continues to be filled with the most alarming creepy crawlers in the world. Every year it seems like there's no escaping from what nature has to offer. There were 13 times (and definitely more) of nature not holding back from being absolutely

Fever Ray: on pleasure, patriarchy and political revolution

In the wake of Plunge, her first album in eight years, Karin Dreijer opens up about her queer re-awakening, motherhood and the joys of TinderMeeting Karin Dreijer, AKA Fever Ray, AKA one half of the now-defunct the Knife, is a discombobulating experience. For one, I have no idea what she

YouTube bans the creepy and weird kid channel ‘Toy Freaks’

Image: screenshot/youtubeYouTube has terminated the massive channel Toy Freaks in what appears to be a purge of questionable content aimed at kids. With over 8.5 million subscribers, Toy Freaks was one of the largest channels to produce content aimed at children, though many parents found issues with the weird,

Watch Shaq get hit on the head with a raw turkey

Out of all the celebrities, Shaq may be the most willing to put himself into ridiculous situations for sweet, sweet content. The very tall and bald former basketball superstar  took a hit on "NBA on TNT" on Thursday, and by hit we mean someone threw a raw turkey at his

Is the Mosaic app TV’s natural next step or a gimmick too far?

Steven Soderberghs latest show premieres in January, but viewers can watch it now via a choose-your-own-adventure iPhone app thats baffled someIllusion of choice is a somewhat recent concern in the gaming community, a critical phrase coined in reaction to the rise of interactive, decision-based games peddled by game studios like