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Trump Reiterates Nafta Threat, Linking Talks to Mexico Wall

President Donald Trump reiterated his threat to withdraw the U.S. from Nafta while saying that gains from a new deal could be used to pay for a wall at the Mexican border.A day after Canadian officials said they Nafta’s Dead. Long Live Nafta. A Look at the Most Likely Outcomes

End of 47-Year Japan Rice Program Signals Boost for Ramen Wheat

The end of Japan’s four decades of rice-market control could be good news for noodle lovers.That’s because rice farmers may plant alternative crops like wheat once government control ends by March 31 and look to tap into rising demand for ramen. Fukuoka, on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, is expanding

Watch firefighters rescue a dog that fell into an icy creek

2017 is in dire need of heartwarming tales, so here's one about a dog that fell into a frozen creek and was successfully rescued by a team of firefighters. Last week, Denis Pilon, a fire chief at Swift Current Fire Department in Canada, shared a video on Facebook of several firefighters

Canada faces battle for pharmacare scheme to make medicines free

Canadas universal healthcare system has one big shortcoming: it doesnt cover the cost of prescription drugs, meaning many Canadians go without medicationIn his told Sanders in a recent podcast. I have patients who take their pills every other day, or who take them for a few weeks and then have

Parents of freed US hostage furious with son-in-law for Afghanistan trip

Caitlan Colemans father calls Joshua Boyles decision to take his pregnant wife to Afghanistan on a backpacking trip unconscionableThe parents of an American woman who was rescued with her Canadian husband and three children after five years in captivity have said they were elated that the family is safe

Man’s bear encounter is the most Canadian thing youll ever see

If a bear happens to enter your yard, experts say you should attempt to scare it away with loud noises, creating a negative experience for the wild animal. This way, bears won't lose their fear in humans, which can become incredibly dangerous.  Jordan Cote took a more polite approach.