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Deputy Killed in Colorado Attack

Denver (AP) -- A man who shot and killed a Colorado deputy and wounded four others along with two civilians was an attorney and an Iraq war veteran who had posted videos online in recent months criticizing professors and law enforcement officials, authorities said Monday. Shooter Matthew Riehl, 37, died

American reams: why a paperless world still hasnt happened

The long read: In a world seduced by screens, the future of paper might seem uncertain. But many in the industry remain optimistic after all, you cant blow your nose on an emailOld Mohawk paper company lore has it that in 1946, a salesman named George Morrison handed his

Wall Street Picks the Best New Restaurants in New York

It should come as no surprise that Bloomberg Terminal users (aka the who’s who of the financial industry) eat out a lot. After all, there’s a lot of business to be done at restaurants, and it’s been a big year for New York dining, especially with the relaunch of the former

End of 47-Year Japan Rice Program Signals Boost for Ramen Wheat

The end of Japan’s four decades of rice-market control could be good news for noodle lovers.That’s because rice farmers may plant alternative crops like wheat once government control ends by March 31 and look to tap into rising demand for ramen. Fukuoka, on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, is expanding

Hauling a Christmas Tree in a Ferrari Is Totally Normal

Don’t ever let anyone tell you the GTC4Lusso isn’t a “real” Ferrari.The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is a special car. The four-seat hatchback combines sophisticated all-wheel-drive systems with spacious seating for four, plus a large trunk and 680-horsepower performance on a par with anything from Lamborghini and McLaren. This odd-ball hatchback can do

Atlanta airport’s blackout resulted in arriving passengers waiting for hours on the tarmac

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport's blackout has left many travellers stranded.Image: Branden Camp/AP/REX/ShutterstockTravel delays are never fun, but spare a thought for those travelling through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport. The airport experienced an extended power outage which lasted from early afternoon through to the night, forcing a ground stop on flights

Net Neutrality is dead after FCC vote

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai drinks from a big coffee cup during a commission meeting December 14, 2017 in Washington, DC.Image: Getty ImagesCompanies now control the internet, and there's no way to stop them.  The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to eliminate its power to ensure net neutrality, effectively

Uber stole trade secrets, bribed foreign officials and spied on rivals, filing says

Document by former Uber security manager details companys alleged unethical, unlawful practices amid legal battle with self-driving car company WaymoUber allegedly engaged in a range of unethical and unlawful intelligence collections, including the theft of competitive trade secrets, bribery of foreign officials and root out bad behaviour, Jacobs said when

Times Square Subway Bomber Tells Police Hes a Follower of Islamic State

A Brooklyn man wearing a pipe bomb attached with Velcro and zip ties set off an explosive in the Times Square subway station Monday morning, injuring himself and three others, sending ambulances racing and commuters fleeing as Christmas shoppers poured into New York City.The 27-year-old suspect, Akayed Ullah, wore the device