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Taming ‘the worm’: how the Minhoco is So Paulo’s soul

On weekdays residents who live within feet of this folly of Brazils military dictatorship must put up with pollution and a constant roar but at other times cars are banned. In a city short on public space, the people take controlI remember when our street had trees on it.

Brazilian queer art exhibition cancelled after campaign by rightwing protesters

Santander bank decides to shut Queermuseu in Porto Alegre, a move Brazilian artists say represents dangerous censorshipA storm over artistic freedom and censorship has erupted in Brazil after an art exhibition at a multinational banks cultural centre was cancelled following a campaign by rightwing protesters. The controversy broke out when

War photographer who survived leukaemia exposed as a fake

Eduardo Martins passed off photos of British surfer as himself and some of his war zone pictures were stolenThe compelling photos that Eduardo Martins took from some of the worlds worst war zones earned him a growing reputation, glowing interviews, space in some of the worlds biggest media outlets and