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Protests erupt over rape, murder of 7-year-old girl in Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan (CNN)Protesters marched for a second day Thursday in the Pakistani city of Kasur over the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl whose body was found dumped on a garbage pile.He also asked police to provide full details of the 11 murders of young girls in the same

End of 47-Year Japan Rice Program Signals Boost for Ramen Wheat

The end of Japan’s four decades of rice-market control could be good news for noodle lovers.That’s because rice farmers may plant alternative crops like wheat once government control ends by March 31 and look to tap into rising demand for ramen. Fukuoka, on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, is expanding

Who is to blame for Chinese rooftopper’s dramatic death?

(CNN)A video circulating on Chinese social media shows a young man preforming chin ups while hanging from the side of a 62-story building in the city of Changsha -- no safety harness, no ropes, nothing."Had Wu not been so popular on livestreaming apps, he might not have died ...

North Korea sanctions could hurt millions as winter bites, UN says

(CNN)As frigid winter weather sweeps over the Korean Peninsula, the United Nations has warned that punitive sanctions on North Korea could have unintended consequences for the country's long-suffering civilian population. Speaking Monday via teleconference before a UN Security Council meeting on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), North

United Airlines Halts Flights to New Delhi on Poor Air Quality

United Airlines temporarily suspended Newark-New Delhi flights due to soared to 676 at 2 p.m. local time, according to a U.S. embassy monitor. World Health Organization guidelines suggest levels above 300 are “hazardous.”Customers traveling over the next several days should visit the United Airlines website or download the company’s mobile

Authorities start operation to remove 600 refugees from Manus Island center

(CNN)Authorities have started to dismantle the detention center on Manus Island, as an estimated 600 refugees and asylum seekers refuse to leave the site amid an ongoing week long standoff. The operation, codenamed "Helpim Friends," would use buses and trucks to transport the refugees to their new centers "without

China Makes Historic Move to Open Market for Financial Firms

China took a major step toward the long-awaited opening of its financial system, saying it will remove foreign ownership limits on banks while allowing overseas firms to take majority stakes in local securities ventures, fund managers and insurers.The new rules, unveiled at a government briefing on Friday, will give global

Xis Key Milestone Positions Him to Rule China for Decades

Whether or not Chinese President Xi Jinping signals a successor Wednesday, he’s amassed enough power to effectively rule for decades.The Communist Party Video: How Xi Went From Feeding Pigs to Ruling ChinaThe congress also selected 204 full Central Committee members, who will in turn elect the Standing Committee on Wednesday. The

Japan’s Abe hails landslide victory in snap election

Tokyo (CNN)A decision by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to call a snap election appears to have paid off."We were able to earn the powerful support of the Japanese people, well surpassing our goal," Abe said at a press conference after Sunday's vote.