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YouTube, your algorithm hurts America more than Russian trolls do

Self-reflection, please: YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California.Image: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty ImagesRemember when we used to think the greatest threat we faced from Artificial Intelligence was that it would become Skynet and launch our entire nuclear arsenal, wiping out the human race?  Good times.  But on the evidence of YouTube's

Intel’s graphics driver update makes gaming easier on laptops

An Intel 8th-generation processorImage: lili sams/mashableIntel has updated its graphics control software, and it's getting a significant boost. The update will include an automatic optimization tool that will make it easier than ever to play games with integrated graphics, PCWorld reports.  Playing games on a computer without a standalone

Reddit made a move to combat AI-powered, non-consensual porn

Don't replace this face.Image: Meng Yiren/Getty ImagesWhen it comes to the nonconsensual stitching of women's faces into porn videos, it turns out Reddit has finally had enough.  On Feb. 7, the company banned the subreddit known as r/deepfakes. The community, which had gathered over 80,000 subscribers in its short

Twitter bans those gross face-swapped porn videos

Don't even think about uploading a porn deepfake to Twitter.Image: Getty Images/Cultura RFFake porn videos featuring face-swapped celebrities, often referred to as "deepfakes," have been banned from Twitter.  The social media platform has become the latest to ban the videos, in which celebrity women like Gal Gadot, Taylor Swift,

Watch this robot from Boston Dynamics totally eat it during demo

A robot fail usually sends shockwaves throughout the internet, but a Boston Dynamics demo that went awry last month is just now getting a reaction. SEE ALSO: The creepiest videos from the robotics company Google just sold At the annual Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders