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Watch Shaq get hit on the head with a raw turkey

Out of all the celebrities, Shaq may be the most willing to put himself into ridiculous situations for sweet, sweet content. The very tall and bald former basketball superstar  took a hit on "NBA on TNT" on Thursday, and by hit we mean someone threw a raw turkey at his

Watch two rats give Pizza Rat a run for its money

It's been over two years since Pizza Rat taught us what it means to reach for the stars. It was 2015, a simpler time — one that you may be feeling nostalgic for even now. And that's why we know you're going to watch this video of

Fiona the hippo had the absolute best 2017

Fiona the hippo, queen of the Cincinnati Zoo and our national daughter, has had a banner year. She swam. She ate snacks. Friends, she lived her life. And she did it against all odds! It's true: Fiona, whose ears wiggle when she pops out of the water, is the only

Layla the dog has the #1 cutest reaction to being pet

Friends, please meet Layla the spaniel, an unspeakably adorable dog who loves to be pet. From the looks of this clip, it seems she also loves to wag her tail, cuddle, and deliver the most perfect soft smile we've ever seen. Layla, girl, you're doing amazing. Please

Brave skunk chases off a cougar like a badass

That is one brave skunk. YouTuber Greg Shyba was driving near Calgary, Canada recently when he spotted a skunk in the middle of the road. But just a few moments later, the little skunk had a big visitor. Suddenly, a large cougar hops out from the brush

Stop mopping your floors… seriously

Image: Facebook/Angela Rena via StoryfulHello hog fans, subscribers to various large hog-based newsletters, and miscellaneous readers who happened to click on this article about a large hog: We have a big hog for you guys today, by way of Alabama. The huge hog, apparently loose in Phenix City, Alabama,

Calm your dogs down with this fabulous doggy leotard

This determined little boy just sent out an urgent PSA on behalf of a beloved four-legged friend.  Six-year-old Roman is calling on his followers to rescue Legend, a deaf and lovable Labrador retriever currently at Skagit Valley Humane Society in Burlington, Washington. The adorable video has more than 18,000 views,

You can now sync your phone to your fish tank

Not this seal, but this kind of seal.Image: Harri Taavetti/FLPA/imageBROKER/REX/ShutterstockHey ... seals like to sunbathe, too. A 450-pound bearded seal was removed from a runway at Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport in Utqiagvik, Alaska on Monday after it caught some rays for a little too long. By human standards,