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This Woman Almost Died Because Of Something You Probably Do Every Day

Whether you’re a lady with long locks or a guy who loves rocking an epic man bun, you probably tote hair ties around with you every day. And if you’re not carrying a bag, the most convenient place to carry them is around your wrist. This makes it so much easier to throw your hair up on the go.

But this daily practice could cost you your life one day. Just ask this woman.

As she usually did, Audree Kopp — a mother from Louisville, Kentucky — threw a glittery hair tie around her wrist one day before leaving the house.

The glitter on that particular hair tie made an almost invisible scratch on Kopp’s skin. From there, the bacteria on the band made its way into her system.

The first sign of what would become a life-threatening infection was a bump the size of a quarter.

When she brought it to her doctor’s attention, the physician said that it was “no big deal” and put her on a round of antibiotics.

But when she woke up the next day, Kopp was fully aware that her situation was, in fact, a big deal. Before we get into what she saw that morning, we should warn you that these images are graphic.

As it turns out, the woman barely avoided sepsis, or blood poisoning.

The wound looked like a severe spider bite, and when she sought a second opinion, doctors were shocked that the infection hadn’t reached her bones and tendons.

Dr. Amit Gupta, who was part of Kopp’s new medical team, warns that carrying hair ties on your wrist can lead to infections like this more easily than you might think.

Kopp wants to keep her story going. “Please share this,” she writes, “because I’m pretty sure 90% of us don’t think twice about keeping hair ties on our wrists.”

(via BuzzFeed)

It’s insane to think that something we do so often could lead to such a horrific infection. What does this say about other parts of our daily routines? Talk about a rude awakening. We wish Ms. Kopp the best as she recovers!

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