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Professional Artists Reimagine Kids’ Drawings With Incredible Results

Kids have a lot of imagination, and they come up with some truly insane creatures if you give them some paper and crayons.

When children are given the opportunity to let their minds run wild, they can dream up things us adults couldn’t have even thought of. As more and more art programs are being cut from schools and time for extracurriculars dwindles, we see less of this unbridled creativity every day.

Never fear, though, the monsters are here to save us! That is, children’s drawings of monsters are here to save us.

The Monster Project encourages elementary school students in Texas to draw monsters of their own creation.

Then those students are paired with one of the 100 professional artists participating in the program.

The artists then reimagine the child’s drawing to create it in a variety of professional mediums.

“With a decreasing emphasis on arts in schools, many children don’t have the opportunity for creative exploration they deserve. That’s a monstrous trend we would like to destroy,” their website

If you want to see more of these incredible collaborations, learn more about the mission, or buy a book of images, check out The Monster Project

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