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Exciting New Zealand: Nature, Action, Beauty!

{“en”:”Hello my dear. Hello. It’s a bit spooky. We are here driving on the other side. There here is. A wrong-way driver. Marcel would argue: u201eAh, these steps… …in this forest… …this has nothing to do with the Nature.u201c u201eI’m a tough men. I’ll don’t need them.u201c But we are going to use them. Rotorua. Second week. I still have an cold. It will become better. Otherwise you’ll get a sulfur bath. There a plenty of them here. Oh yes. Steam bath, sulfer bath. Everything … bath. All which has a cold will be euthanized. A selfie in the Gondola. My followers, I want to show you, how nerved a car could be.

We are driving here this Toyota. This is a giant, huge, big bowl. But this worries so. Thus… u00c4hmm… Remote control. To open the car press … here. Then the car starts to cheep. But this will not open the boot. It’s still closed. What we are going to do now? Long press this button. And again, it’s cheeping. And the best thing: We opened the car, but this is not resulting in… However, the back doors are open. I promise: After a minute of waiting, it has closed the back doors, but not the front doors. Thereby… This car nerves. Yes, indeed. I hate it. Toyota. Sanctuary Park This is nice here, isn’t it? Absolutely. Do we go though the forest a little bit? Yes. It’s a nice stream. Yes, indeed. Acrophobia? No… u201eRhubarb Beachu201c Hello cows… Hello cows… Stop. How is track called? Jurassic. Someting including Jurassic. Please, have a look. Wait. Show the map, it’s cool. This is… Wairakau’s Lost World Absolutely cool. And we are going the hike it now. Yes. …a little bit …with you. This is so gorgeous…

Yes. By the way, we are on a Island in the Bay of Islands. You have to pay 800 NZD per night. You can get to this island only by boat, or with the helicopter. Our Island? Our new? That’s the thing. I like it. It really is the thing. Thus, your next holiday will be… here.. “}