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Clever Girl Create “Wall of Sorrow” To Convince Dad To Get a Cat

Sometimes when someone tells you no, you step up to the challenge. And that is exactly what a little sister did, when she needed to convince her dad that she should be allowed to get a cat. 

So how did it all start? And more importantly, how did it all end? 

Well, the story starts like this…Danielle Grubisic‘s younger sister decided that she wanted a cat to be added to the family. Now, all she had to do was convince her dad for that to happen. She pulled out all the stops to get this to happen, and she even did something very cleaver, many wouldn’t have even thought of…

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    The “Wall Of Sorrow”

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    The young and bright 13 year old created and decorated a “wall of sorrow”, in order to persuade (or more correctly GUILT) her dad into the idea. 

    Umm.. maybe the best idea ever?

    The wall was decorated with around 23 pieces of paper, drawings and hand written notes.

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    A close up of the “Wall of Sorrow”

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    Notes that contained very sad and guilty messages of “You’re killing innocent lives”, and sad photos. 

    Man, you thought she was good…

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    If that’s not guilt we don’t know what is! 

    And so the outcome of all her very persistence, umm guilting and pretty humorous pleas?

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    Yup, he was convinced.

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    Danielle’s dad was convinced to adopt a cat from the shelter. And not just any cat, but an older cat at that! Is that not the sweetest thing ever?

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    Twitter post gone viral

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    Danielle decided that the world (or her followers) needed to know about this and shared the hysterical “wall of sorrow” on Twitter. And what do you know… it went totally viral! Gathering thousands of retweets and “likes.” Plus, tons of people chimed in to comment on how unbelievably freakin’ clever her sister’s idea was… and how we pretty much will be copying it in the future.

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